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Sundays are important, but they're not everything. They prepare us for the real work of disicpleship: becoming followers of Jesus, and this only happens life on life.


Midweek community is of critical importance to us and we cannot be obedient followers of Jesus unless we're in some form of Christian community where we learn to apply scripture, live as followers of Jesus and become the people God is calling us to be. The New Testament is littered with 'one another' commands that can only be fulfilled when we're doing life together.

To this end we have two kinds of midweek communities:

LifeGroups are diverse gatherings of 8 to 12 who meet in homes weekly to share life together and to grow in obedience to Jesus. 

ConnectGroups are groups no more than 5 that meet in various places across the city. They're uni-gendered and this allows deeper vulnerability and greater accountability. The small size means greater agility in a busy and complex world.

To connect drop a mail to and we'll plug you into a community that will help you follow Jesus more closely.  

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