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Dear Protea Valley Church,

As most of you will know President Ramaphosa made a statement to the nation last night about the various changes to our lives over this next season to deal with this covid-19 global pandemic. Social distancing and cancelling public gatherings are part of the strategy to flatten the curve and reduce the peak number of infections that would overburden an already stressed public healthcare system.

These strategies will affect us as a church over the next few months, and the Elders of PVC will be meeting tonight to strategise our response. We will communicate immediately after we have met to pray and discuss what practical changes we need to make. We have cancelled Tuesday night's planned congregational meeting as the first of the changes we need to make to minimise the spread of Covid-19.

Please do not respond with panic as many are doing, but let's face this situation with wisdom and calmness as is befitting the people of an all-powerful God. Please be especially careful how you treat those who are in lower income brackets as they will be the first to be affected by not being able to work. Many of us are asking staff who have to use public transport to stay at home to reduce the risk of them being infected and we will continue to pay them.

Whilst there are a great many uncertainties, we remain convinced that God will use this for good and we are certain that this will be a great opportunity to live out our faith for Jesus' fame.

The Elders of PVC

Protea Valley Church



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