Some of Jesus final instructions to the church were to "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations" We aim to take that call seriously as a church.

There are three aspects of being a disciple that we learn from Jesus himself:

  • Personal worship in prayer and reading scriptures. It would also include corporate worship each Sunday with the gathered church. It would also be a life marked by worship in all the practical things that make up life.

  • Jesus lived a life marked by community. We become the best kinds of people when we learn to live with others. Jesus had the twelve disciples and like them we're called to encourage and help each other grow towards maturity of the faith. Our life groups are our primary places of community.

  • Jesus lived a life marked by mission and He sends into the world to make disciples of the nations. This job is not reserved for church leaders as we believe that everyone is a missionary sent by Jesus into schools, universities workplaces and homes, the ordinary places of our lives.


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