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We believe the best way to grow is to get into the Bible...


The YouVersion Bible App is a great place to start


It has Bible reading plans, Scripture images, videos, and downloadable Bibles (so that you can access and read Scripture offline).


Some translations even have an audio feature so that you can listen while you drive or do your chores.


There's also a Bible app especially for kids.

All the links to download on Apple or Android are on their website.

RightNow Media.jpg

RightNow Media - the world’s largest library of on-demand Bible study videos. 


Discover fun shows for kids, studies on books of the Bible, training videos on leadership, and much more.

To gain free access through Protea Valley Church you will need to click on the button to sign-up and create an account.

Once you've created an account you can download the RightNow Media app to easily view their content from your mobile device OR simply watch via their website.

Disciples are a work in progress...

As long as we are on this earth we are still in the process of being transformed in the likeness of Christ. It is good to regularly reflect on our progress in the faith, to ensure that we remain doers of God's Word. 

Click here for a helpful set of self assessment questions to discern your spiritual health.

This assessment will help you see how you're doing at following Jesus.

Recommended reading...

There are a great number of excellent books that we've found really helpful:

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