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It's tough to ask for help... 


but if you're here you have no doubt reached a tough place and we'd like to journey with you. We'd love to see how we could connect you with someone who may have something to assist you at this time.



Protea Valley Church has put together a team of skilled and experienced professionals who are here to support those in need of guidance, coaching and advice. This includes the fields of medical, financial, legal, business, etc, to help navigate the current Covid-19 challenges. 


Please note: This is not a professional consultancy service and we make no promises, but we'll do our best to connect the dots to help you find a way through this difficult time.


If you (or anyone you know) are in need of help, please fill in the form and someone on our team will contact you.



Also if you (or anyone you know) are taking strain in the aftermath of lockdown and loss, and could do with the kindness of a personal call and some practical support or if you'd simply like someone to pray for you or with you, you can also fill in the form and someone on our team will contact you. 


It is an honour for us to share the love of Jesus with you in practical ways.

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We know that losing your job or business can be a terribly demoralising experience... Times are hard - it's likely that this might have happened through no fault of your own.


While Christ alone is the ultimate hope for all who come to Him, we want to do what we can to help each other out - that's what a family does. 


Within our Protea Valley Church family we'd like to connect those in need of employment with those who have relevant opportunities to offer


This isn't a guarantee of employment, but it's one more step in the right direction.


If you are seeking employment please fill in the form, describing the relevant type of job / field of expertise so that we might be able to connect you with the right people as those opportunities arise.

Form submitted

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