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Small group discussion notes - 22-28 May 2022

Updated: May 27, 2022

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

Welcome (Community)

What is your favourite board game? And why?


Hopefully you prayed for the Eldership team this week?


Read: Matthew 11:28-30, from both the NIV and the Message versions.

Invite the group to share how they are feeling in a word or a sentence.

Play:All you who are thirsty

Pray slowly and responsively:

LEADER: Jesus says

“Come to me if you’re weary and burdened,”

ALL: Jesus, we come to you.

When we’re tired, worn out, burned out on religion,

Jesus, we come to you.

His gentle heart brings rest for our souls.

Lord, we receive your rest.

He leads us in unforced rhythms of grace.

Lord, we receive your rest.

He shares our burdens and walks beside us.

Jesus, help us walk with you.

Teach us to live freely and lightly,

Jesus, help us walk with you.


Scripture reading: Colossians 1:15-23

Word (Discipleship):

  1. How would you answer someone who genuinely asked “who is Jesus”?

  2. Of the list of statements about Jesus in the text, which one surprises you? Which one have you not thought of much?

  3. If Jesus is over all, what aspect of your life are you struggling to bring under his Lordship, under his leadership, at the moment?

Works (Mission)

The key verse for us today is vs. 20 – “through Him to reconcile all things”

We are reconciled to Christ, and then as He works in and through us, reconciles us to others. Do you have someone in your past or present life that you have yet to be reconciled with? What would Jesus have you do?

If no one, are you aware of two people who are out of sorts with each other, how can you be a peacemaker, and facilitate reconciliation?

Close off your time together by praying for each other in twos about question 3.

Children’s address:

Reproduce this great Forgiveness Object Lesson.

Download these notes in PDF format:

2022-05-22 SG notes
Download PDF • 134KB

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