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Group discussion notes - 17 July 2022

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

This week we’re talking about making disciples. If we’re being discipled by Jesus and by others, we’ll want to start passing on what we have learned to others. The passage in Matthew 28 telling us to make disciples is called the great commission. This entire section of scripture is about equipping believers (that’s you) to be able to teach others what it is to live as Jesus followers.

Create Community

Who do you think you are influencing the most in your life right now?

Worship God

Try set the scene with some candles, draw the group together into prayer and silence, use a worship song from YouTube/Spotify that will focus the group on the magnificence of God. Spend a time of group prayer allowing each person to say out loud words of worship.

Make Disciples

Accountability from last week

How are you doing at allowing others to speak into your life and make you a better follower of Jesus?

Scripture: Titus 2 [NIV]

  1. Read the scripture and allow each person to reflect on what they found most personally applicable to their circumstances.

  2. Much of what Paul writes to Titus is about following Jesus in daily life. In what area of life do you feel that people around you most need to follow Jesus more closely?

  3. What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in following Jesus?

  4. Much of following Jesus is about those massive faith lessons, but the smaller daily rhythms of life. What daily rhythm has been most beneficial to your following of Jesus?

  5. We’re called to teach others the things we’ve learned, who are you currently leading to follow Jesus more closely? If you’re not, what’s stopping you and how can others in the group help you to be more obedient to Jesus?

Be on mission with God

Find someone who you can invest into for the next few months, Don’t go huge but begin to find small, practical ways to invest into them to help them to follow Jesus more closely (if you’re really anxious find a faithful friend who will allow you to practice with them).

Download these notes in PDF format:

2022-07-17 group notes
Download PDF • 400KB

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