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Kids Church - 02 August 2020

As we enter the second week of our lesson series on The Armour of God, we discover why is it important to put on the breastplate of righteousness.

In doing this, we protect our precious and fragile hearts by shielding our hearts from sin.

This coming week is the last week in order to complete our (extremely short and quick) survey. Those who complete it stand the chance to win a lovely surprise.

Lesson: Breastplate of Righteousness

Worship Songs


This week we'd like to introduce a 7 day prayer challenge resource to help you guide your children to grow in developing their friendship and conversation with God.

This free downloadable resource includes:

  • 7 Devotionals

  • 7 Printable Prayers

  • 7 Prayer Challenges

  • A Reward Chart

Download P • 3.70MB

Craft Resource

You can download the template for the Soldier and Armour of God pieces below.

Armour of God craft template
Download PDF • 796KB

Have a blessed week ahead!

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