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Kids Church - 04 October 2020

Excitingly we are able to gather at church to worship together again. If you are wanting to attend the physical services at Protea Valley Church and are concerned that your child will not be able to sit still through the whole service, please feel welcome to bring along a pencil bag or something that you feel might make make them feel more comfortable or engaged during the moments that they may feel a bit restless. EVERYONE is welcome!

We will also be continuing with Kids Church on an online platform too. :)


The day Jesus vanished from His tomb, someone started a lie. It was either the disciples, who were in hiding and afraid for their lives, or the men who had Jesus killed. Within days, the men who were in hiding were out in the open, proclaiming they had seen the risen Christ, while the soldiers and their benefactors tried to convince everyone it was a lie. But after Mary saw Jesus in the garden, many more people saw Jesus alive. Who should we believe?

The men who proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus believed in Him so much, they were willing to die for Him. Ten of the eleven disciples were all killed because they preached the name of Jesus, while the eleventh was brutally tortured and exiled to an island prison. If it was all a lie, one of them would have cracked. One of them would have said, “We lied! We made it all up! Here’s where you can find the body of Jesus!” Jesus’ disciples died for Him because He died for them. Jesus is alive and has the power over death.

Because He lives, we can have eternal life.

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