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Kids Church 15 November 2020

The story of David and Goliath is well-known, this week we are revisiting this popular story and focusing on how God can empower us to slay any giants in our path.

Do you remember what Saul did when David said he would fight Goliath?

He laughed. And he tried to give David his armour. He was trying to make David’s outward appearance look stronger, and he wasn’t trusting God. David trusted God that what he had was enough.

We can all trust God. He always has our best interest at heart, and He has our future in mind.

We don’t have to be something we aren’t for God to use us. We can be a little shepherd with just a slingshot and a rock, and God will use us to defeat the biggest giant in the world.



Colouring Pages

David picking up stones
Download PDF • 96KB
David throwing stones
Download PDF • 92KB

Word Search

David and Goliath Word Search _ Sermons4
Download • 264KB

Have a blessed week ahead!

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