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Kids Church - 18 October 2020

This week we start a new series on how to become prayer warriors!

God wants us to be thankful. God has given us every good thing we have – from the air we breathe to our families to the wonders of nature. We need to be thankful in the good times when God has answered our prayers and given us blessings. We also need to be thankful in the bad times.

When nothing is going right and we feel sad, being thankful can lift our spirits and remind us of all the good things God has done. God wants us to pray every day.

Whenever you pray, start with a word of thanks. Thank God for the big things in life, and the little things. Thank him when you are happy, but also count your blessings when you are sad.



You can download and print some colouring pages, including this week's memory verse below.

Download PDF • 2.25MB
Download PDF • 1.79MB
Download PDF • 2.24MB

We are busy planning our next car park party - look out for the invitation coming soon...

Have a blessed week!

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