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Kids Church - 20 September 2020

Most people have heard of Jesus, but many don’t really understand who He is. Even when Jesus walked the earth, most of the people who He met didn’t “get it.”

Over the next four weeks we’re going to ask and answer questions curious minds have asked for thousands of years. Questions like, "Who was Jesus?", "Did Jesus face the same problems as humans?", "Did Jesus really rise from the dead?" and "Where is Jesus now?".

God is not afraid of our questions about Jesus because God knows those questions will lead us to the truth. He wants you to not only know who Jesus is, but know Him as your Saviour!



You can download the affirmation cards below (with memory verses) that we will be referring to over the coming weeks. The download is for the first four, printed cards are included in the resource packs going out this week. The next batch will be shared at our next event. I came across these on the Wildly Anchored site. You may want to read the article on why biblical affirmations are important for children.

Curious Children Affirmation cards and M
Download • 68KB

Have a blessed week!

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