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Kids Church 22 November 2020

The lion is one of the fiercest beasts in the entire world, and it takes skill to tame him. When Daniel was thrown into a den of hungry lions, he didn't need any special lion-taming skills to stay safe. He simply trusted the power of God, the one who created lions!

God can use your faith to make you a witness to others. God will reveal Himself to your friends just as he did to King Darius. When you have the courage to stand strong, you may give another friend that same courage. You can set an example in faith and in purity for others to follow.

Standing up for God may seem scary at times. I am sure Daniel was quite terrified as he was led off to face the lions. But we can rest assured that if we are following God’s lead, He will not leave us to face our fears alone. The King of Kings was stronger than the king of beasts and greater than the king of Persia. He stands with those who stand for Him, and when we are in danger, He is mighty to save.

Don’t be afraid of the lions. Have faith, and God will be your strength!



You can download this week's craft template by clicking on the file below. We hope you have as much fun with it as we did!

Download PDF • 4.07MB

You can also download a colouring page from today's lesson.

Download • 72KB

Have a blessed week and remember, God is mighty to save and He LOVES you!

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