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Kids Church - 23 August 2020

Helmets are probably one of the most common pieces of armour and safety gear around. People who do construction and other dangerous jobs wear helmets. Soldiers, of course, wear helmets in combat. And if you’re going out riding on a scooter, skateboard, rollerblades, or a bike, you better wear your helmet!

The helmet protects the head, one of the most important and fragile parts of the body. The helmet of salvation protects something even more precious: our soul.

God sent Jesus to die for us so he could give us salvation. If you are wearing the helmet of salvation, the enemy can’t touch you. You are safe. Now, and for eternity. Put on the helmet of salvation. Claim the gift God has offered you, and you will live forever with Jesus.



You can download the template for the craft and colouring page below..

Armour of God craft template
Download PDF • 796KB

Armour of God coloouring page
Download PDF • 90KB

Salvation means we are saved. It means the enemy can tempt us and distract us but it cannot destroy us. We are forgiven, and we are bound for paradise. Pray that your children will accept God’s gift of salvation and give their hearts to Jesus.

Have a blessed week!

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