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Kids Church - 27 September 2020

We had SO much fun at the Kids Church Car Park party last Saturday! It was wonderful to see so many families and we had a lot of fun dancing in the sunshine together. We know that not everyone was able to join us for this event, but we will be having another one soon, so keep an eye out for the invitation.


Because Jesus is God the Son, it’s hard to imagine he had to deal with the same things we have to deal with, like hunger, fear, and temptation.

Jesus is not some faceless, emotionless super being sitting on high looking down on us. He was a man who tripped over stones, scraped His knees, and got splinters working with His dad in the carpentry shop. He knew sorrow and grief. He knew rejection and the pain of a broken heart. He suffered the broken promises of friends and still, somehow, managed to forgive even those who put Him to death.

Jesus can comfort us not just because He is God, but because He knows how we feel at all times. Jesus lived it all, just like we are living it now. If you’re tired, hurt, sad, afraid, Jesus understands, and He can give you peace.

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