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Pastor's Note - 09 March 2022

In this week's Pastor's Note:

Grant talks about having a relationship with God for who He is and not about what we can get out of Him.

During this Lent period we are sending daily devotions on WhatsApp, it's a time to seek the Lord in prayer by reading scripture so we encourage you to join our devotions WhatsApp group using this link - Click here

We invite all PVC men to join us for a relaxed evening of fellowship around the braai and opportunity to connect with fellow PVC men and get to know each other better. We have a Connected Men event on the 16th of March and we encourage men to register using this link - Click here

A reminder we'll be hosting an art exhibition (ReCreate) on 18-19 March 2022. We ask you to mark the date in your calendars to come visit the exhibition, which will be open free of charge to the public.

Lastly, we'll be running Alpha soon and we are looking for people who've done Alpha before to join our serving team and we are looking for people to come join us in doing Alpha when it starts. If you are interested in serving on the team, please use this link to sign up - Click here

Please reserve a seat for yourself and for all family members joining you (including children). RSVP Link: Click here

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