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Pastor's Note - 14 April 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note:

One of our partner ministries, M.E.S. (Mould. Empower. Serve.), works to care for and rehabilitate the many poor and homeless people we encounter on a regular basis. Handing out cash and food is generally not helpful as this just enables the cycle of dependency that keeps these people on the streets. As a means for us to help and give responsibly, M.E.S. has provided booklets of vouchers for shelter and meals, which will also connect people in need to their rehabilitation programs.

We'll be selling these voucher booklets at the Grounded Café on Sundays.

R100 for a booklet of 10 shelter vouchers

R50 for a booklet of 10 meal vouchers

These will also be available to collect from the office (Tues - Fri, 8 AM - 1 PM) if you EFT ahead of time or bring the exact cash amount.

Brent also talks about our current sermon series, Decisions, and reiterates the value and importance of Connect Groups. If you haven't yet sign-up for a Connect Group, you can do so now by CLICKING HERE.


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