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Pastor's Note - 19 May 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Brent talks about some of the changes that will be happening in our online services.

For live services, we really need you to book your tickets before Sunday to help us maintain Covid social distancing protocols. If you find the 10 AM service fully booked, please try the 8 AM service.


We really appreciate your faithful giving into the ministry of PVC, as we are changing bank accounts we ask you to please take note of our new banking details and update this on your debit orders:

Account name: Protea Valley Church

Bank: Investec Bank Limited

Branch name: 100 Grayston Drive

Branch code: 580105

Account number: 10011641831

Account type: Current account

Lastly, Brent talks about the Re:New Trust, which is a missional branch of Protea Valley Church, registered and administered according to government legislation so that the trust can issue 18A tax certificates. We'd like to highlight some of the work that the Re:New Trust is doing in partnership with organisations and foster carers to help orphaned and vulnerable children. There are some wonderful opportunities for you to get involved, not just through financial support, but in some very practical ways.

CLICK HERE to check out the Google Form for more info and sign-up to help in whatever way you can.

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