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Pastor's Note - 20 October 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Brent talks about the value of resilience and how important this trait is for God's people in changing times.

Sundays at 8 AM (until the end of the year) we're continuing our discussions and equipping for disciple-making, which we believe is essential to the purpose of the church. Please do consider joining us.

RSVP for the repeat of Session 5 - CLICK HERE

Sundays at 10 AM, we have our regular gathered Worship Service. Please book tickets for your kids too (regardless of whether they will be attending the Worship Service or Kids Church).

RSVP for Sunday Worship Service (incl. Kids Church) - CLICK HERE

As followers of Jesus we are all called to serve others - this is part of what it means to be a disciple and to be a part of His church. A great way to do this is by serving in the various ministries of the church, as this is known to foster a sense of belonging through serving alongside others as part of a team. We'd love to help connect you to a ministry where you can exercise and develop your God-given gifts through serving, email:

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