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Pastor's Note - 26 January 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Grant talks about the love of God and how important it is to Him that none of His children drift away. Grant encourages us to intentionally stay connected with others in the church family: share your life, talk about your struggles and joys in your journey of faith, and pray with one another.


Grant is challenging each of us to be brave and phone someone in the church - whoever comes to mind, give them a call and find out how they're doing. We don't want anyone to feel lost or disconnected - this is something that we can all help to remedy by simply caring for each other as a community, praying for the church and entrusting each person to God's unfailing love.

Parents, be sure to watch this message from our youth pastor, Linda (CLICK HERE).


We're working hard to try put out some good online content, especially while we can't meet together in the building. While many of our ministries can't currently operate at full capacity, this is a great opportunity to volunteer your time and talents elsewhere and serve a need. If you have any skills in any of the online platforms, video editing, design, etc OR if you're interested in learning how to operate the sound desk (we'll provide you with some training) - we'd love to have you on board - please send an email to and we will put you in touch with the relevant people.

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