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Pastor's Note - 27 October 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Grant talks about our worship gatherings on Sundays. It's encouraging to see the new faces, but there are some of you who were a regular part of our church congregation whom we haven't seen in a long time - we want to express how important it is as believers to gather together for worship.

This does present some challenges while our numbers are still restricted, so please do make your Quicket bookings ASAP, these days bookings are full before Sundays (please don't contact the staff over the weekend to find out if there is space available - if Quicket bookings are full the unfortunate answer is "no"). If you decide to take a chance and arrive without a booking, we will have to make you wait outside until after the service starts to see if there any spaces available from those who had booked but couldn't make it.

N.B. If you arrive late you might forfeit your booking.

We are hoping that we'll be able to open up services more in the New Year, but please realise that this also depends on the availability of servers/volunteers. Kids Church in particular could do with some more of you stepping up to the plate.

If you were there this past Sunday, you might have seen or heard that Donnelly, one of our servers in the Kids Church, had collapsed before the service. Please be reassured that she is okay and keep her in prayer for her recovery.

Sundays at 8 AM (until the end of the year) - Discussions and Equipping for Disciple-making.

RSVP for Session 6 on 31 October OR 7 November - CLICK HERE

Sunday Worship Service at 10 AM (Please book tickets for your kids too regardless of whether they will be attending the Worship Service or Kids Church).

RSVP for this Sunday - CLICK HERE

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