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Pastor's Note - 28 July 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Grant speaks about our fearfulness and anxiety to challenges we may face. However, in Scripture, God tells his people "Fear Not". There have been challenges throughout history, but yet in all these times there has always been a deep presence of God.

Protea Valley Church has decided not to begin meeting as yet in the building. Until such time as there may be a congregation of 100, we will continue with Protea Valley Church at home. This Sunday 1 August is Communion Sunday. Please have your bread and grape juice ready to share during the service.

As we're all currently experiencing many difficult circumstances of our own and having to shift the way that we "do" church, our hope is that God will likewise work through these times of uncertainty to actually grow the church, in South Africa, and particularly in Protea Valley.

In line with this, we've decided to press in on making disciples and to press in on being a distributed church - to live in a way that is in contrast to the surrounding hopelessness and draws other people to Jesus.

If you are able to offer your expertise and/or time to help us research option for an alternative power supply, please email

God bless you! We look forward to seeing you online this Sunday at 9 AM.

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