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Pastor's Note - 4 August 2021

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Brent talks about the future of church as we know it and how things need to shift in response to the needs and challenges of the seasons we find ourselves in, guided by the biblical history of the early Church as it remained resilient by adapting in the face of persecution and other challenges, which in essence are not so different from our own.

We're going to work at shifting our thinking away from a Sunday-centric model of church to one where we are the church gathering in our homes throughout the week. The aim is not to do away with Sunday worship services, but to adapt to the reality that all of us meeting together in one place will not always be possible. We actually see this as an opportunity to return to some of the healthier rhythms of the early Church.

Leadership Training and Equipping

For the next 8 weeks Brent and Grant are going to use the time at hand on Sunday mornings (while we aren't having in-person worship services) to invest into leaders and any interested people in the life of the church, through training that aims to shift some of our culture, instil some vision, and equip us as a church to be more effective than ever at serving and influencing our neighbourhoods and communities with the gospel.

The training consists of 4 sessions, which will run fortnightly over a period of 8 weeks, with the same session being repeated on consecutive weeks in order to accommodate more people. All leaders are requested to attend, but this training is open to anyone who is interested.

Sundays, 9:00 - 10:30 AM (Grounded coffee available from 8:30)

Starting this Sunday, 8 August, concluding on Sunday, 26 September.

To attend you must please make a booking for each session on Quicket: CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Please pray for our leaders to be led by the Spirit of God in these changing times.

God bless you! We look forward to seeing you online this Sunday at 9 AM.

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