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Pastor's Note - 7 July 2021

In this week's Pastor's Note, Grant encourages us in our spiritual growth with the promise of God's continuing work in us. A big part of that growth involves stepping outside our comfort zones. A very practical and simple way that you can do this is by caring for your neighbours through prayer and acts of kindness - get to know the people in your street, offer to pray for them or find something that you can do to help them.

In line with this attitude of growing in Christlikeness through loving and serving others is a reminder about one of our partner ministries: Father's Heart - is there some way that you could help them with one of these simple needs? CLICK HERE TO SEE THEIR LIST OF NEEDS.

If you are a parent in Protea Valley Church, then you likely will have received a message from our Kids Church to collect some great material to help you disciple your kids and grow as a family. If you have not yet collected a Kids Church pack and would like to receive one, please email to arrange collection.

God bless you! We look forward to seeing you online this Sunday at 9 AM.

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