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Resurrection Sunday (Easter)

Broadcasting on YouTube and Facebook <-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

Click here for some creative Easter activities and lessons for kids.

A Joyous Celebration

This Sunday we'll be celebrating Christ's resurrection from the dead. The service is being broadcast bright and early at 6:30 am (CAT) so that we can watch the sunrise as we celebrate our Risen King.

Be sure to tune in after the service for our Protea Valley Church community video on YouTube or Facebook (from 7:15am).

How to set the scene in your home for our online service:

Create a joyous mood/atmosphere:

  • Dress in bright party clothes - think celebration! 

  • If possible choose a different location in your home from where you observed the Tenebrae (somewhere with a view of the sunrise)

  • Get the kids to make colourful decorations

  • Bake some tasty treats

Invite friends and family to join the service - How?

  • Share this post

  • Create a Zoom meeting and "share screen and audio" of the service with friends

  • Get the kids to make an invitation and take a picture of it or make a video and send it to friends on WhatsApp

  • Get the kids to make posters to put up in the window to share the good news with neighbours or let them paint their own stained glass windows with washable paint (click here for an example)

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