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Small group discussion notes - 06 - 12 March 2022

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

Welcome (Community)

As a kid, what were the things you would most often get in trouble for?


Did you have any conversations with a divisive person? How did it go?


Do this responsive reading: Click here

Word (Discipleship):

Scripture reading: Luke 4:1-13

  1. How are you participating (or not) in this Lent journey?

  2. Why do you think Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days? (To pray about his calling? To pray and listen to God’s direction for how to teach, preach, and heal? To get self out of the way and make sure he was ready to follow his Father's plan for him? These are all possibilities, and there are many more to add).

  3. Discuss what you think is the devil’s ultimate goal with temptation? And knowing that goal, does it change the way you handle temptation?

  4. Of the three temptations Jesus experienced, which is most real for you? (E.g. Jesus was tempted to choose comfort, very relevant for our congregation)

  5. Read 1 Corinthians 10:13. What encouragement does this verse provide us?

Works (Mission)

Identify one person you will share your insights with this week, around this sermon and group discussion.

Children’s address:

Do this object lesson.

Download these notes in PDF format:

6 March 2022
Download PDF • 95KB

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