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Small group discussion notes - 01 - 07 May 2022

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

Welcome (Community)

Were you a model child or the naughty kid everyone spoke about?


Did you manage to share something about your resurrection hope with someone?


Share Holy Communion together.

Scripture reading: Romans 4:23-5:17 NLT

Precept Austin

Word (Discipleship):

1. Today’s topic is quite simple on the one hand, but quite complex on the other. What was your take away from Sunday’s sermon?

2. Read this quote and come to a simple one-line definition of Justification - “It is only when we recognize how desperate our situation is from the legal standpoint that we can begin to understand the biblical doctrine of justification. Justification is central to the Christian gospel because it answers the fundamental question: How can a sinful human being be righteous before a holy God?

What does it mean to be justified? Humanity is in a desperate state; our sins separate us from the holy God. To be justified through Christ means we are covered in his righteousness and God no longer looks on us as guilty sinners. In this joyous action there is a depth of meaning and theology”


3.Vs. 12 – 14 What is original sin?

4. A church in the States calls their Life Groups “Fight Clubs” because they believe our biggest calling and challenge is to help one other fight sin. Do you agree? And how can your group help each other deal with sinful behaviours/patterns?

Works (Mission)

Each household tends to have sinful patterns/behaviours that everyone just tolerates. Sit down, discuss and identify one you want to deal with? What will you do about it? Pray together.

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1 May 2022
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