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Small group discussion notes - 12-18 September 2021

If you haven't seen last Sunday's sermon you can watch it here.

Welcome (Community)

Where have you seen leadership at its finest expressed?


'My sheep listen to my voice' (John 10:27).

During worship, have a time of 'listening'. Begin with reading Psalm 23, then ask people to listen to God. Remind them that He may speak through the words we've just heard, or through what's going on in our minds - pictures or feelings or thoughts or words. Lots of what goes on in our minds will simply be ourselves, but some of it may be from God.

Pray, 'Speak Lord, your servants are listening', then spend five minutes or so in silence.

PRAY for your time together.

Word (Discipleship):

Scripture reading: Acts 6:1-7

  1. What from Sunday’s service spoke to you? Got your attention?

  2. It is said that a leader is only as good as the people they are leading or enable them to be. What does it look like to be a good follower in any context? Church, world, work, family…

  3. Read Proverbs 16: 1-13 and identify leadership traits that one would want to see in those we lead/lead us?

  4. Spend time praying for your group leader/s (I would love to say, “lay hands on them” but a Covid world says no :(

Works (Mission)

Find a way to encourage someone who leads you in a work/world space.

Children’s address:

Download these notes in PDF format:

12 September 2021
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