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Small group discussion notes - 14-20 November 2021

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

Welcome (Community)

The passage is all about love, what moment in your life have you felt the most loved?


Listen to a classic hymn jazzed up: “O Love that wilt not let me go

Pray together.

Word (Discipleship):

Scripture reading: Ephesians 3:1-21

  1. How is your personal prayer life going?

  2. Who or what has been most influential in developing your personal prayer life?

  3. List all the requests in verses 14-19. What repeated themes stand out in these requests?

  4. Is it possible for the fullness of God’s love to fill us completely? Why or Why not?

  5. Vs. 16. Where are you needing inner strength right now?

End off your session by taking time to prayerfully meditate on the vast love of Christ.

• Consider the breadth of God’s accepting love. How wide is it?

• Consider the length of God’s lasting love. How long does it last?

• Consider the height of God’s exalting love. How high does it reach?

• Consider the depth of God’s sacrificial love. How deep can it go?

Works (Mission)

Who in your circle of influence needs to know the love of God? Commit to pray for them every day this week.

Children’s address:

The video is cheesy, but you can watch it yourself and then repeat in your own creative way ☺ GOD'S LOVE Children's Object Lesson (Ephesians 3:18)

Download these notes in PDF format:

14 November 2021
Download PDF • 115KB

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