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Small group discussion notes - 8-14 May 2022

Updated: May 13, 2022

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

Welcome (Community)

What is the sickest you have ever been?


How did your household conversation go about sinful patterns?


Use this pray-as-you-go website to play the prayer devotional for the day your group is held on.

Scripture reading: Acts 3:1-7 & 4:1-14

Word (Discipleship):

  1. Are you someone who prays easily for healing for someone (let’s start with your own family) or not? And if not, why not?

  2. What gets your attention from the Acts 3 passage?

  3. Explore the meaning of the word salvation found in Ch 4:12 (a few websites show the Greek words and meanings, for eg. How does this shape how we understand salvation, particularly in reference to healing?

  4. Read these few verses together and discuss how they shape your understanding of healing: • Matthew 8: 17 • Isaiah 53: 4-5 • 1 Peter 2: 24 • John 14: 27 • Matthew 9: 35

  5. What have you learned from Sunday and today that will inform your faith and your actions?

Works (Mission)

Look out for an opportunity to pray for someone this week for healing.

Children’s address:

Reproduce this object lesson.

Download these notes in PDF format:

8 May 2022
Download PDF • 131KB

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