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Small group discussion notes - 20 - 26 March 2022

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

Welcome (Community)

What was the best meal you have ever eaten?


How did your ‘waiting on God’ times go?


This is a great text to read and then share in Holy Communion together.

Scripture reading: Isaiah 55

1. In the first 2 verses, two kinds of people are invited to the banquet – can you identify who they are?

Vs. 1. - ?

Vs. 2 - ?

2. In what ways do we “spend money on what is not bread” and “labour on what does not satisfy”?

3. Brent spoke about three contrasts between the prevailing Culture and the Gospel:

  • Earned wages vs gifted grace

  • Seeming satisfaction vs lasting fulfilment

  • Short term pleasure vs long term hope

Which do you see most prevalent in your community, and which do you struggle with the most?

4. What is your take-home from this text/sermon/sharing? How will you use it in your life (be specific)?

Works (Mission)

The passage has been called the “Banquet of Grace”

God’s hospitality to us lies at its heart. Find a way to show hospitality to someone outside of faith this week.

Children’s address:

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Download these notes in PDF format:

20 March 2022
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