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Small group discussion notes - 26 September - 2 October 2021

If you haven't seen last Sunday's sermon you can watch it here.

Welcome (Community)

What do you love about living in your neighbourhood?


Play ‘Christ is enough for me’.

Have an open time of prayer, expressing in your own words what Jesus means to you.

Word (Discipleship):

Scripture reading: Acts 17-16-34

You may find it helpful to get some print paper and put it up on a wall, with a thick pen to list answers.

  1. What are the distinct cultural markers in the community (neighbourhood) you live in?

  2. Which of these markers are in line with the Bible, and which are in conflict?

  3. What are some of the false Gods people in our valley worship?

  4. Identify one cultural conflict and one idol from the above lists, and discuss how the good news of Jesus addresses them?

Some help 😊

Say you identify love of comfort as a cultural marker – what does the gospel say about comfort? Say you identify school sport as an idol, (remember idols are usually good things we have turned into god things) what does the gospel have to say about the drive for our children to excel on the sports field?

Works (Mission)

Take a walk around your neighbourhood.

Ask God to show you cultural markers and the idols that are present.

As the Holy Spirit shows you, opens your eyes, pray for the gospel to shape and ultimately overcome each of these.

It will be great to do this with any other Christ followers you are aware of in your street?

Feedback next week to your group how it went.

Children’s address:

Download these notes in PDF format:

26 September 2021
Download PDF • 145KB

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