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Small group discussion notes - 3-9 October 2021

If you haven't seen last Sunday's sermon you can watch it here.

Welcome (Community)

How did your prayer walk go last week?


Share Holy Communion together.

Word (Discipleship):

Scripture reading: Ephesians 3: 7-12

You may find it helpful to get some print paper and put it up on a wall, with a thick pen to list answers.

  1. Paul talks about the gospel as a mystery - What aspect of faith and God is still a mystery to you?

  2. Paul writes about himself as being a minister of the gospel, do you believe this to be a calling of only a few, or all of us? The word minister comes from the Greek word diakonos. It is possible that the word has its origin in a similar Greek word, diakonis, which means “running through dust.” In the Roman world, servants would run errands for their masters through the dusty streets, and oftentimes, when the masters went on journeys the servants would trot along in the billowing dust behind the master’s horse and bodyguards.

  3. Where are you finding it hard (dusty and dirty) to represent Christ?

  4. Read vs. 12 – Share your personal prayer request and pray together.

Works (Mission)

We are really struggling to find enough people to serve Sunday mornings, be it Kids Church, Band, Welcome Team, etc. Contact and offer to put shoulder to the wheel.

Children’s address:

Download these notes in PDF format:

3 October 2021
Download PDF • 78KB

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