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Small group discussion notes - 5-11 December 2021

If you weren't at the live service this past Sunday you can listen to the sermon here.

This will be our last small group notes for the year, as most groups will be taking a break over the holidays.

Scripture reading: Ephesians 5:1-20

Discussion questions:

  1. Brent’s big question: What does it look like to imitate God?

  2. Walking in love is the ultimate imitation of God. Where at the moment do you need God to help you love?

  3. How would you respond to someone who asks you to help them figure out God’s will for their life?

  4. You find yourself in a conversation with someone claiming to be Christian but sharing views on say: sexuality, marriage, or family, that are quite clearly contrary to the Bible. How do you handle this?

  5. In closing: discuss this quote from Rob Warner’s book entitled “Alive in the Spirit”.

“The great crisis of the church today is spiritual impotence. We cannot serve Jesus with the effectiveness he is looking for unless Christians are once again ‘clothed with power from on high’. This supernatural power cannot be worked up by human effort, nor legitimately avoided by defensive explanations that we have already received the Spirit. We need to humble ourselves before our Saviour ASKING Jesus to fill us, not just once but over and over and over again, with the Spirit of the living God.”
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