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Small group discussion notes - 5-11 September 2021

If you haven't seen last Sunday's sermon you can watch it here.

Welcome (Community)

What do you do that truly fills your ‘wellbeing’ bucket?


Read Luke 8: 22 – 25 out loud.

Ask people to close their eyes as your read it slowly a second time. Invite them to picture the scene in their imaginations. Invite them to take note of sounds, smells, how people behave in the scene? Then invite them to identify with one of the characters in the story, and to experience the story unfolding, as that character.

Afterwards invite people to share who they identified with, and what they experienced?

Word (Discipleship):

Scripture reading: Acts 4:23-31

  1. In a book called “Sacred Pathways” by Gary Thomas, he identifies 9 different ways people connect with God (e.g., liturgy, nature, beauty, tradition, etc.) Where/how do you connect in the most meaningful way with God?

  2. The passage we read today is about corporate prayer, what strikes you from the passage about corporate prayer?

  3. Discuss Brent’s statement; “We need to pray in this season, for we are being pressed in on at least three sides: 3.1) We live in a constantly changing culture and much of that cultural pressure is not friendly towards faith; 3.2) We are faced with the reality of a world affected deeply by Covid and it’s changed us too; 3.3) God is pushing us outside of our comfort zones.”

  4. Read Acts 4: 29 – 30. It is a prayer for power, not deliverance! Where in your life do you need to ask God for power, rather than deliverance?

  5. Spend some time praying for: ✓ Deeper heart for the lost ✓ Deepening of our individual faith ✓ Deeper desire for discipleship ✓ Deepening of our Life/Connect Groups

Works (Mission)

We have two prayer meetings running each week, with the possibility of a 3rd if we find enough interested people:

JOIN US!!!!!!!!! It’s low key, easy access, no spiritual gurus, ordinary people, short prayers... We pray for PVC, people in need, our neighbours, our country, etc.

Children’s address:

Watch this video.

Download these notes in PDF format:

5 September 2021
Download PDF • 166KB

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