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Sunday Service - 01 May 2022

Updated: May 3, 2022


Sin is the big issue that separates us and God. While we tend to downplay it, the cold hard truth is that sin of any kind leads to death. The only antidote for the human condition, and our trajectory towards death, is the power of Jesus' resurrection.

Read this week’s Bible passage: Romans 4:23 - 5:17 [NLT]

CLICK HERE to RSVP (book tickets) for our live and in person Worship Service this Sunday. There are TWO services (8:00 AM and 10:00 AM)


If you're unable to meet in person, you are welcome to join our online service which will be featuring the previous week's live sermon, premiering on Sunday at 9 AM (CAT). Watch it here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

The idea of someone being physically raised to life after they have died seems pretty far-fetched, especially in this day and age when we have the ability to medically determine whether a body is actually dead or merely has the appearance of death - we’re not so easily fooled as people may have been thousands of years ago. Some have argued that this might have been the case with Jesus’ resurrection: “Perhaps he fell into an unconscious state, with a shallow pulse and barely breathing, so that his disciples thought that he was dead, but after a few day’s rest he recovered?” Others have theorised: “Maybe the Bible is speaking metaphorically when talking about his resurrection?”

...An actual physical resurrection just sounds too incredible to believe - it’s the stuff of myth or movies. But the scientifically inexplicable wonder of Jesus’ resurrection is what vindicated his otherwise outrageous claims. If there is no resurrection then Jesus must be rejected outright, but if there is a resurrection, it means his claims are true. Come join us as we explore the Resurrection, the defining truth of the Christian faith.

Read this week’s Bible passage: 1 Corinthians 15:3-6, 12-26 [NIV]

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