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Sunday Service – 14 August 2022

Yesterday, today and forever

Some people often say something like “back in our day...” they cannot separate themselves from the past. Others are living their best lives now, living “in the moment”.

The Christian faith, however, is a faith that looks to the future. We can move beyond any past, thanks to Jesus, and deal with virtually any present.

We serve a God, that has “gone ahead”. He is outside of time, which means we’ve got some catching up to do if we want to change the way we look at time.

Read this week’s Bible passages:

Hebrews 13:8-16 NIV

Join us at The Hub for worship this Sunday at 8 AM or 10 AM. If you call Protea Valley Church home, please consider coming to the 8 AM service to make more room for visitors at 10 AM.

If you can’t join us in person, a recording of the sermon will be available to listen to on the PVC Podcast or you can watch it on YouTube on Facebook next week.

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