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Sunday Service - 17 April 2022

Updated: Apr 16, 2022


This Sunday we’re coming to you LIVE as we celebrate together the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Living God. He was and is God incarnate: born into human flesh; he lived a perfect sinless life; was crucified out of jealousy by the malicious intent of the leaders of that day, but ultimately by God’s intent as a sacrifice that removes our debt of sin; he died and was buried, but on the third day he rose from the grave, as the first among many sons and daughters of God who find new life in him.

In our Scripture for today, we look into John’s account of when Mary and the disciples discovered that Jesus was no longer dead in the grave…

One of the distinguishing characteristics of being a human being in THIS world (especially as messed up as it is), is our ability to cry. And so Jesus' words to Mary, "Why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?" has deep meaning and significance for us this Easter in our world today.

Read this week’s Bible passages: John 20:1-18 [NIV]


If you're unable to meet in person, you are welcome to join our LIVE online service on Sunday at 8:15 AM and 10:15 AM (CAT). Watch it here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the live service.

CLICK HERE to RSVP (book tickets) for our live and in person Worship Service this Sunday. There are TWO services (8:00 AM and 10:00 AM)

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