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Sunday Service - 17 October 2021

Ephesians verse-by-verse, challenges believers to live out the gospel. If the people of our city, of our school, of our family, are going to hear the gospel - it's going to be from our mouth. Encounter Ephesians and get swept up into the story of Jesus.

This Sunday we'll be starting a new sermon series which will be walking us through the book of Ephesians. These opening verses bring us face-to-face with the unavoidable topic of predestination - a concept which can be hard to understand and might bring up some strongly differing opinions. But believing that the Bible is God’s inspired Word, it’s important that we allow God to speak to us louder than anyone’s opinions, including our own. Join us as we unpack this concept from the words of Scripture.

Read this week’s Bible passage: Ephesians 1:1-14 [NIV]

We're looking forward to gathering together with you this Sunday at our 10 AM Worship Service - including Kids Church and Youth Classes. CLICK HERE to RSVP your attendance by booking tickets for the service (please also book tickets for children attending Kids/Youth Classes).

We've decided to keep pressing into our goal of being a church of disciples who make disciples, so we'll continue to make use of our 8 AM timeslot up until 12 December for discussion, learning, and prayer (if you are interested, please feel free to join us). Session 5 is happening this Sunday, CLICK HERE to book your tickets for 17 OR 24 October.

If you're unable to meet in person, you are welcome to join our online service, premiering on Sunday at 9 AM (CAT). Watch it here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

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