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Sunday Service - 23 January 2022


Scripture is profoundly important in the life of the Christian, not because it is powerful in itself. But because it reveals Jesus, the eternal Word who is the truly powerful one.

In this Sunday’s passage from the book of Nehemiah we see the returned Jewish exiles being deeply affected by the reading of God’s Word – it produced awe and praise, conviction and sorrow over sin, as well as celebration in the power of God’s grace… And all this even before Christ walked the earth. Today we know the full revelation of God’s grace in the person of Jesus. If you can receive this truth, then God’s Word will similarly affect your heart toward and for his glory, as every reading brings you closer to knowing Jesus more fully.

Read this week’s Bible passage: Nehemiah 8:1-10 [NIV]

CLICK HERE to RSVP (book tickets) for our live and in person Worship Service this Sunday. There are TWO services (8:00 AM and 10:00 AM)

Kids Church is back this Sunday :D at our 8 AM and 10 AM services. RSVP (for adults and kids) by booking your tickets here.

We will be hosting our first Family Gathering for 2022 on Tuesday evening, 1 February, from 7-8 PM. If you're a member of PVC we'd expect you to be there, please, so save the date in your calendars. We'd like to share with you what God has laid on our hearts and the plans we have put in place to fulfil some of the vision and mission that he has given us. It will be a time for praying, discerning and being together, and we'll also be talking about and approving our budget for the year ahead.


If you're unable to meet in person, you are welcome to join our online service which will be featuring the previous week's live sermon, premiering on Sunday at 9 AM (CAT). Watch it here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

People have very different views about the gifts of the Spirit and in what ways they should be practiced (or according to some, should no longer be practiced) in the Church today. It has sadly become another one of those divisive issues among Christians. But rather than debating the WHAT's, HOW's, WHEN and WHERE's, we could come closer to finding a workable solution in the midst of differing opinions by focusing on the WHY - Why is it that God gives this variety of spiritual gifts to the Church? What is his purpose in doing so? This is what we will be exploring this Sunday.

Read this week’s Bible passage: 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 [NIV]

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