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Sunday Service - 26 June 2022


BREATHE IN: Sabbath Rest

The Sabbath Rest finds its roots in the opening story of Genesis, where it says that God rested from all his work on the 7th day. Thus the idea of rest is built into the creation event, and we find that it is a necessary part of the rhythm of all life. But even more significantly, the concept of rest is built into the finished work of the cross. Jesus worked by his self-sacrifice to obtain our salvation from death, which is the wages of our works committed in sin. For us there is no working towards a salvation that cannot be earned, we can only receive it as an act of faith - resting in the work that Jesus has done on our behalf. So, in theory we rest in Christ, but in practice where do our Sabbath affections lie? Where we find our rest is where we place our hope and trust for the future and reveals something of the goal towards which our lives are oriented.

Read this week’s Bible passage: Mark 2:23-28 [NIV]

Join us at The Hub for worship this Sunday at 8:00 AM OR 10:00 AM. There is no Kids or Teens Church during the school holidays, however we will be running a basic Sunday holiday program for kids who won’t be able to sit through a service and need some space to move around.

With the latest change in government legislation, we can return to our full capacity and have done away with Quicket bookings. Masks are also no longer required, although you are welcome to wear one if you feel more comfortable doing so.


If you're unable to meet in person, a recording of the live sermon will be available a few days later to watch on YouTube or Facebook.

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