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Sunday Service - 27 December 2020

Join us online this Sunday at 9 AM (CAT) as we begin a new series: "The Red Letters ~ Teachings of Jesus". This week Grant will be preaching from John 13:31-35 about God made visible. Watch with us here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

In this week's sermon:

We believe that all of the Bible is inspired by God’s Spirit, but in this series we’ll be focusing particularly on the words that Jesus spoke - in some bibles His words are printed in red ink to help the reader more easily recognise when Jesus is speaking among all the other voices in the narratives.

In this sermon Grant Hopkins speaks about the ways that God makes Himself visible in our lives through the things that His Word teaches us as He speaks into specific areas of our lives.

Remember that our first Sunday Service of 2021, on 3 January, will also be "ONLINE ONLY".

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