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Sunday Service - 31 July 2022

BREATHE OUT: Generosity

The generosity of God is baked into the very fabric of being... he created all things and supplies all things. Everything we have, including our skills and abilities to obtain more, is ultimately a gift from our Creator. But he didn't stop at simply making everything we need - he also gave us himself: as loving Father, faithful guiding Spirit, and Saviour in the flesh, Jesus who died and rose again for us. He gives us his own righteousness to reconcile us to him again and this is the greatest gift of all.

Realising the generosity of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ naturally produces generosity in the hearts of his followers, to share in the continuing outworking of the gospel in the ministry of reconciling others to God.

Read this week’s Bible passage: Philippians 4:10-19 [NIV]

Join us at The Hub for worship this Sunday at 8:00 AM OR 10:00 AM.

If you’re part of Protea Valley Church, please consider coming to the 8:00 AM service to make more room for visitors at 10:00 AM.

If you can't join us in person, a recording of the live sermon will be available a few days later to watch on YouTube or Facebook.

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