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Sunday Service - 7 March 2021


We are so pleased to announce that we will be gathering again in person from this Sunday and look forward to welcoming you at either 8 AM or 10 AM. Kids Church and Youth classes will also be resuming in the rooms opposite the main hall.

PLEASE NOTE: We have to limit our numbers, so please be sure to book tickets for yourself and any family or friends who will be joining you. We must also ask that you wear a mask and keep it on throughout the service.

For those unable to join us for reasons of health or distance, we will continue with our online services, premiering on Sundays at 9 AM (CAT). Watch with us here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

This week Brent continues with "The Red Letters ~ Teachings of Jesus" preaching from Matthew 6:25-34 about the problem of worry and anxiety.

“Don’t worry, be happy!” - we all know the song, but it’s easier said (or sung) than done. As Brent explains in this sermon, troubles and challenges are an inevitable part of the human condition. Some things will cause us to worry because they warrant our attention: we need to do something to remedy the situation. But what if there is nothing we can do? What if the things we are worrying about haven’t even happened yet? Join us this Sunday as we take a look at the wisdom and instruction of Jesus’ words when worry becomes a problem in itself.

CLICK HERE to read Matthew 6:25-34 [NIV].


CLICK HERE to download an informative booklet on Prayer & Fasting.

CLICK HERE to download a Lent Devotions Booklet.

Use it to help you meditate and reflect, as we prepare to remember Jesus’ life, death & resurrection during the 40+ days leading up to Easter.

Join us on Wednesday evening in the PVC courtyard to Connect & Reflect from 18:00 for 18:30 to 19:15. There'll be some worship, a short word, some discussion prompts and prayer, as we prepare our hearts ahead of Easter.

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