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Sunday Service - 8 November 2020

Join us this Sunday at 9 AM (CAT) for part 3 of our sermon series: "The Greatest Story Ever Told" this week Candice will be preaching from the Book of Ruth about the story of Ruth & Boaz. Watch with us here on YouTube or Facebook<-- Click on the links to tune in for the premiere.

Click here to view our Teen's -Flavoured by Faith- Bible study lesson.

Click here for our Kids Church lesson and additional resources.

In this week's sermon:

The Bible is a true story of God and the people He loves. It is also thousands of individual stories of people just like us. It’s like the Lord of the Rings trilogy on steroids.

In this video Candice Wilson tells us about the story of Ruth and Boaz. It’s a story of tragedy, romance, action, drama, history and suspense - much like our own lives.

As you listen to the story, imagine yourself as one of the characters and learn what scripture says your response should be to that.


We are super excited to be meeting again in person for the preaching of God's word and to worship Him together as a community of believers. Join us for the service at 8 AM or 10 AM - seating is limited due to Covid-19 protocols, so be sure to reserve your spot - click here for details.

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