Sunday Worship - 22 March 2020

Our first entirely online worship service will premiere at 10 am on Sunday. We’re asking you ALL to have some bread and grape juice ready as we’ll be celebrating communion each week as a sign of our unity in these isolated times. Whilst all videos and resources will remain available online after the broadcast we would like to encourage you: while we are separated by social distancing, let us try to maintain a spirit of togetherness by worshipping at the same time in our homes and with our LifeGroups as far as we are able to do so.

Our YouTube Channel is here and the sermon will premiere at 10 am (CAT - Central African Time).All videos and resources will remain available online after the live broadcast.

Our Facebook page is here or you can go directly to the sermon premiere here.

Our Striders and Eagles lesson is here on YouTube.

Please feel free to engage via the various comments and chats available on each platform.

KidsChurch have some material with activities that you can download and print out. Click on the links below to download the pdf's.

Matthew 20 - family page

Matthew 20 - activity page

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