Protea Valley Church was planted by Durbanville and Bellville Presbyterian churches in 2003 and has becme a growing vibrant community who aim to love Jesus and take the good news message of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

The congregation has members from all over Africa and we speak a multitude of languages although the services are in English. The congregation has many young families and we have a vibrant KidsChurch ministry and a growing youth ministry on Friday nights.

For the last number of years we've been extending our ministry to Buffeslrivier, Jordan, Germany working with underprivileged people and those who've been displaced by war. We believe Jesus' message is for all people and we long to see people come to know the great love of God shown through Jesus.

NPO number 089-005-NPO

Bank Account: Protea Valley Church
ABSA Bank Santyger Acc# 4057348055

Tel: 021 913 3826


We partner with several other ministries who do things we cannot, have a look at what they're doing to bring good news to the world.

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