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Recommended Reading

Rebecca McLaughlin

Reviewed by Matthew Christy

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Discipling kids as parents or within the church at this age is challenging, especially when faced with difficult questions, such as:

  • How can there be an authentic connection with a generation more influenced by social media than scripture? 

  • How can those within the church inspire belief and equip believers to defend their convictions in a culture where personal experience often carries more weight than biblical convictions? 


At Protea Valley Church, we aim to apply the scriptures to the complexities of daily life, and helpful resources like the book 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask and Answer About Christianity help us achieve this goal.

Rebecca McLaughlin's timely book stands out as a source of clarity amid uncertainty. Written in a style that resonates with young people, McLaughlin addresses 10 big questions and provides the framework to answer them in a format that is clear and effective. She writes, “It struck me that kids and teens have complex questions too. In fact, in my experience, kids ask the hardest questions of all” (McLaughlin, 2020:11).

Tackling the Big Questions

Through the use of scriptures, illustrations, her own studies, and “ridiculously smart people” (McLaughlin, 2020:21), she expertly demystifies some of life’s biggest questions and offers clear answers.

​Questions she addresses include:

  • How can I live my best life now? (mental and physical health benefits of the Christian life)

  • Isn’t Christianity against diversity? (racism, slavery, Christianity)

  • Can Jesus be true for you but not for me? (universal truth/relativism/evangelism)

  • Can’t we just be good without God? (God as the basis for morality/9/11/Hitler/Stalin/human identity/abortion)

  • How can you believe the Bible is true? (evidence for the Gospels/evidence for the resurrection/true versus literal)

  • Hasn’t science disproved Christianity? (origins of science/science and faith controversies, Christian scientists today)

  • Why can’t we just agree that love is love? (marriage/sex/singleness/friendship/same-sex attraction/pornography/abuse)

  • Who cares if you’re a boy or a girl? (gender/feminism/transgender and non-binary identities)

  • Does God care when we hurt? (God’s sovereignty in suffering/God’s care for us/prayer/purpose)

  • How can you believe in heaven and hell? (meaning of heaven and hell/sin and judgment/salvation/invitation)

McLaughlin handles some of the more divisive questions on sexuality, diversity, and suffering with skill, humility and care that is grounded in the gospel. Furthermore, she offers invaluable advice to parents, grandparents, and caregivers who are navigating how to address these topics with their kids. 

Highly Recommended for Parents & Teens

This book is an excellent tool for both parents and teens. It's incredibly useful in instilling trust in the scriptures and gaining good biblical comprehension, while helping young people as they grapple with tough questions.

You can find the book at Scripture Union, Takealot and Christian book stores, or on Kindle.

Will Mancini
& Cory Hartman

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At Protea Valley Church, we’re all about loving Jesus, making disciples, and serving together. As part of our vision to learn together to imitate Jesus and to make Him known to others in our city we want to equip our congregation to go and be the church in their community. As such, we’ve found a great resource to inspire you in your journey of growing as a disciple who makes disciples.


Will Mancini and Cory Hartman's Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth takes a deep dive into the current state of churches in North America and why they are struggling to multiply and build a community of believers who fulfil Jesus' call of disciple-making.

Identifying the Solution

The authors provide a solution to this problem by studying Jesus’ Great Commission through the lens of the seven laws of mission, power, love, context, development, leadership and vision to equip and encourage church members to become active disciples and disciple-makers. One of the core concepts addressed in the book is exploring the relationship between listeners, learners, and goers in the church and to this end, Mancini and Hartman explain that the church needs alternative metrics to determine real church growth: “Real church growth is not defined by adding in-person attenders or increasing weekly giving. Real church growth targets the transformation of individuals – the actual making of disciples. This requires a completely different approach to being the church on a week-to-week basis as well as a different set of key metrics. Real church growth will ultimately result in the addition of in-person attenders, but it is not the immediate objective.”

Highly Recommended for Leaders

This book is highly practical, giving you both a map and tools to change your thoughts and approach to church ministry and energise your personal development as a disciple and a leader. There are many lessons and disciple-making gold to be discovered in Future Church: Seven Laws of Real Church Growth and this will probably become one of the most highlighted books on your bookshelf. We highly recommend it and it is a must-read for leaders.

Check out this helpful visual summary of the book here.

You can read the book on Kindle or listen to it on Audible or buy a hard copy at your local bookstore.

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