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Neal & Julie Estey

Meet Neal, Julie, and their daughter, Savanna - a remarkable family originating from Boston, USA.


Their journey took an unexpected turn when they found their spiritual home at Protea Valley Church in South Africa. Yet, the unmistakable call of God led them to the serene town of Buffelsrivier, nestled just beyond Springbok in the Northern Cape.


Empowering Through Bloom: Nurturing Dreams

Upon arriving in Buffelsrivier, Julie, Neal, and Savanna embarked on a transformative mission, giving rise to the organization known as Bloom. This initiative stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to fostering individual empowerment and nurturing inherent potential. Their deep affection for the close-knit community acts as a guiding light, driving their impactful journey.

A Holistic Approach: Turning Dreams into Reality

Rooted in diverse experiences and talents, the family pioneers a comprehensive approach to community and economic development. With an unshakable belief that dreams can be transformed into reality, they channel their conviction into tireless efforts to uplift the lives of those around them.

Julie and Neal: A Dynamic Partnership of Change

Julie's mastery in clinical social work, combined with Neal's proficiency as a consultant, research director, and attorney, forges a dynamic partnership. Their shared goal is to empower vulnerable individuals, households, and communities, helping them recognize their inherent strengths and capacity for positive change. Guided by Bloom, they create a haven for dreams to flourish, self-worth to be reclaimed, and lives to undergo remarkable transformation.

Mentoring and Action: Creating Pathways to Progress

The Blooms extend essential mentorship and support, facilitating actionable plans to translate dreams into tangible goals. Their commitment extends to organizing community activities, empowering residents to take leadership roles as capacity-building and growth flourish.

One Family's Inspiring Journey: Love, Dedication, and Faith

The journey of Julie, Neal, and Savanna serves as a profound reminder of the substantial impact a single family can have. By embracing the divine call and selflessly serving their community with love, dedication, and unwavering faith, they exemplify the transformative power of faith in action.

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Bank: Investec Bank Limited

Account Number: 1001 164 1831

Branch: Grayston Drive

Branch Code: 580 105

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