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Basic Skills

Basic Skills is an empowering initiative designed to equip the incredible men and women who serve within our homes and communities. It is however more than skills training but also provides a place for connection, community, and belonging.


Hands-On Learning: Over the span of four immersive weeks at The Hub, participants dive into an interactive training experience that goes beyond just acquiring skills. 


Building Bridges, Creating Bonds: With a deliberate focus on keeping classes smaller, we've nurtured an environment that fosters meaningful relationships and a true sense of belonging. 


More Than Numbers: While the demand for Basic Skills has exceeded expectations, our emphasis remains on the remarkable connections and friendships forged through this program. It's about the personal growth and shared experiences that make a lasting impact.


Variety of Skills: Our lineup of classes covers a wide spectrum of practical skills, including Baking, Sewing, Computer Skills, First Aid, Life Skills, and Crafts.


Basic Skills isn't just about learning – it's about growing together, thriving together, and crafting a stronger community. 


How to get involved:

  • Set up and clean up team

  • Present one of the skills training classes

  • Provide tea for training

  • Offer lunch for participants

New Day Aftercare

New Day Aftercare

Morgenster Farm is a small farming community located just outside Durbanville. As a church, we are committed to seeking the welfare of our community and investing in the lives around us. Our goal is to be the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing His love, grace, and generosity with those in need.


Our involvement with the Morgenster community began in 2015 with a women's Bible study and crochet group. New Day Aftercare was established in January 2019 and is now an aftercare that cares for almost 26 learners from the community. We work closely with the aftercare manager and the community and have several volunteers who regularly give their time, talents, and treasures to invest in the lives of the children.


New Day offers a safe and supportive environment for children, providing learning opportunities that benefit the children, their families, and the Morgenster Farm community. The program contributes to the development of social, emotional, cognitive, and academic skills, promotes physical health, and reduces risky behaviours. 


The Afterschool care program aims to develop and grow the child holistically while providing homework assistance. 


How to get involved:

  • Contribute financially

  • Volunteer during school holiday programmes

  • Assist with arts and crafts, computer, language or maths tutoring classes

  • Help with the facility maintenance

  • Mentor some of the older boys or girls at the aftercare

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood

The Brotherhood is a remarkable ministry on a mission to tackle the fatherlessness crisis that plagues our community. This ministry is run by a group of men who have made it their goal to support young men who have grown up without fathers in the Fisantekraal and Klipheuwel communities.


Their primary focus is to empower these young men, help them make better decisions and break the cycle of fatherlessness. The ultimate goal of The Brotherhood is to inspire these young men to become responsible fathers in their own communities. They achieve this by fostering strong discipleship relationships between each other.



Resilient Kids SA was established with the goal of promoting resilience among children, adults, communities, and nations. The primary focus is on children, as they are particularly vulnerable to violence, poverty, abuse, and other forms of trauma. By fostering resilience in children, Resilient Kids aims to break the cycle of such adversities. They offer various training programs for both adults and youth, organize camps and other interventions for children and youth, provide consultation services to organizations and churches interested in developing resilience-building programs for children and youth, and participate in networks and forums advocating for children.


How to get involved:

  • Facility maintenance: painting, putting up shelves, touch-ups, beautifying.

  • Creating home gardens – planting seedlings & building boxes. 

  • PlayMakers Club – young adults & adults to go into schools playing & emotional regulation to help kids deal with anger/trauma – training will be provided.

  • GoGo Project (in development): taking 6-year-old neglected children off the streets, meeting families, and assisting with birth certificates to get the children into pre-school, so they will be off the streets, where they are very vulnerable. Assistance is needed with the admin process.

Mercy Aids

Mercy Aids

MercyAIDS is a non-profit and public benefit organization run by volunteers with Christian values. Their mission is to provide practical assistance driven by love and compassion to vulnerable children, orphans, and their caregivers. The organisation achieves this goal by providing community-based programs, such as kids' club and camp training, HIV and children training, family strengthening programs for alternative care families, and trauma-informed education training.


We have partnered with MercyAIDS to provide food for seven soup kitchens in Fisantekraal. These soup kitchens play a critical role in providing care to vulnerable children in the community.

How to get involved:

  • Assistance needed with facility make-over in Fisantekraal shared with Resilient Kids. 

  • Help with planting, tending food gardens, and growing seedlings.

Huis Jabes

Huis Jabes

Fisantekraal Centre for Development

Huis Jabes is a safe place for women and children who've faced domestic abuse (for 6 to 9 months), located in the northern part of Cape Town. Huis Jabes helps these women restart their lives and break free from abuse, showing them they can have a better life.

Fisantekraal Centre for Development

The Fisantekraal Centre for Development (FCD) is a non-profit, faith-based organization that has been providing skills development programs since 2010 to empower unemployed individuals with enhanced employability and economic well-being within the Cape Town area. FCD takes a holistic approach by integrating life skills, business skills, and spiritual development into all its programs, which allows beneficiaries to develop the necessary values and attitudes required for the workplace and life in general. The programs are inclusive and open to everyone who is unemployed, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or religion. FCD is committed to restoring dignity and building self-esteem in unemployed individuals.


How to get involved:

  • Offer job shadowing opportunities at your workplace or business for recent course graduates.

  • Provide business mentorship.

  • Consider sponsoring learners; the cost per beneficiary varies from R6500 to R13000.

  • Donate your time to deliver the Life Skills course as a volunteer.



MES is a special organisation that has been making a positive impact in the heart of South African cities. This organisation is a registered non-profit (NPO) with a big vision: to change the heart of the city and find sustainable solutions to poverty.


Protea Valley Church has partnered with MES as part of our mission to care for our city and everyone who calls it home. This partnership is inspired by Jeremiah 29:7, ‘to seek the welfare of the city’ in which you live.

Father's House Community Development

Father's Heart Community Development

The Father’s Heart is an NPO that serves the community of Fisantekraal. Believers from Protea Valley Church desire to have a meaningful and genuine relationship with Jesus and with one another. By partnering with The Father's Heart Community Development NPO, we can make a positive impact on the welfare of our city through acts of radical love, care, justice, generosity, hospitality, and compassion.


We aim to serve a community that has limited resources and significant needs by building relationships, making connections, providing support, and giving of our time and resources. 

Eduction & Job Creation Minisitry

Education & Job Creation Ministry

We, as a church, believe that work is a gift from God and that providing employment opportunities to people gives them a sense of dignity and identity as they live out their God-given purpose. To that end, we have partnered with the Fisantekraal Centre for Development to offer skills training to those seeking employment.


We not only provide funding for skills development but also support the learners throughout their training period and help them secure employment. Throughout this process, we provide mentorship and guidance to help the learners grow in their faith and discover God's will for their education and career.


How to get involved:

  • Contribute financially

  • Become a mentor for a learner

  • Open up a work opportunity at your business for learners to gain experience

Here are 3 ways you can give:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring payment directly from your bank account.

  2. Recurring Payment Setup: To ensure continuous support for our missions, you can easily set up automatic recurring payments from your bank account.

  3. SnapScan: We also accept contributions through SnapScan. Please scan the QR code to give.

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Bank: Investec Bank Limited

Account Number: 1001 164 1831

Branch: Grayston Drive

Branch Code: 580 105

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